Use the menu on the left to access thread specifications.

Below is the basic thread profile (P is pitch):

Basic Thread Profile drawing

Metric Threads
UNC Threads (Unified National Coarse)
UNF Threads (Unified National Fine)
UNEF Threads (Unified National Extra-Fine)
NPT Threads (National Pipe Threads)
USS Threads:
     0-80 UNF to .25-56 UNS
     .3125-18 UNC to .5625 -32 UN
     .625-11 UNC to .875-32 UN
     .9375-12 UN to 1.1875-28 UN
     1.25-7 UNC to 1.5625-20 UN
     1.625-6 UN to 1.9375-20 UN
     2-4.5 UNC to 2.75-20 UN
     2.875-6 UN to 4-16 UN
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