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You may have heard about new technologies lowering the price of titanium. Well, it has finally gotten to the marketplace. We are offering round bar, sheet and plate at new low prices. Here are some recent examples: (Prices are per pound, FOB Factory) 22mm Grade 2 Titanium Round Bar at $13.56. 16mm Grade 5 Titanium Round Bar at $16.92. 2.5mm Grade 2 Titanium Sheet at . . . (continued)


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Titanium Fasteners (Normally Stocked)
Titanium Bolts Titanium Screws Titanium Nuts Titanium Washers
Bolts Screws Nuts Washers
Titanium U-Bolts Titanium Threaded Rod and Studs Titanium Pins  
U-Bolts Threaded Rod and Studs Clevis Pins  
Titanium Products (Normally Stocked)
Polished Titanium Tubing Titanium Shackles  
Polished Tubing Shackles Welding Wire  
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