Quality Control

Our quality control system revolves around proprietary technology developed by Allied Titanium that has its foundation in our UPD Sheets. UPD stands for Unique Part Descriptor. Here is an example of a UPD Sheet. (You must be logged into your Allied Titanium account to download this. Please contact your Account Manager if you need help.)

The UPD Sheet is a PDF document that must be viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to be fully utilized. The first page is a cover sheet with general specifications, information and thumbnails of the product. The next section has complete construction drawings that are annotated. The last page is a full resolution 3D animation that can be rotated, zoomed in and out, as well cut open to view cross sections and interior details.

Quotes are given and orders are taken by Allied Titanium with the understanding that the customer acknowleges they have viewed the UPD Sheets for the products they need and those UPD Sheets show that the product is correct for their use.*

Once an order is placed, then:

  1. An order with its Order Date is entered into ATTIE (This is AI - Allied Titanium Technically Intelligient Entity).

  2. The Order is split into Production Orders as necessary, with each sent to the Allied Titanium factory that can most efficiently manufacture the items. When the Production Order has been submitted to a facility, the Submitted Date is entered into ATTIE. This Submitted Date is emailed by ATTIE to the customer.

    If the customer has specified a Lead Time, the Production Department will verify they can produce the item at that speed without incurring expediting charges. If the Lead Time cannot be met, the Order Controller will notify the customer's Account Manager or (if unavailable) the customer with a Lead Time that is possible or the Expediting Fee that will be incurred to meet the desired Lead Time.

  3. The factory commences manufacturing the Production Order. The Deadline to deliver the Production Order for quality inspection and the Ready Date to ship to to the customer are entered into ATTIE. On the factory floors, operators and machine programmers inspect the items of the order coming off the machines and adjust the machines as necessary to maintain tolerances.

  4. As the product moves from station to station through various manufacturing processes, they are inspected by operators to make sure that the machines are properly maintaining tolerances. In all cases, a larger number of products are produced at each station to enable culling downstream in the quality control process.

  5. The Quality Control Center receives the Production Order from the manufacturing facility on or before the Deadline and enters the QC Received Date into the system. If the Deadline is missed, the Ready Date is adjusted.

  6. Quality Control has two business days to inspect the Production Order and get it ready to ship out to Quality Assurance. ISO 2859-1 is the international standard used by Quality Control for the sampling and rejection of products. If products in the Production Order fail the quality control inspection, they are returned to the factory for repair or replacement. The Ready Date is adjusted to reflect the time necessary for the correction.

  7. After passing Quality Control inspection, the Production Order is shipped to Quality Assurance with the QC Shipped Date and the Tracking # entered into ATTIE.

  8. Quality Assurance receives the Production Order and enters the QA Received Date into ATTIE.

  9. Quality Assurance inspects the Production Order(s) again and combines them together into the complete order for shipment to the customer. If a quality problem is discovered, the customer and/or Account Manager are called to discuss options.

  10. Quality Assurance ships the order to the customer, entering the QA Shipped Date and the QA Tracking # into ATTIE. The notice of shipment and tracking number is emailed to the customer by ATTIE.

  11. The customer receives the shipment(s) and must inspect the items within 10 days of receipt, comparing them against the UPD Sheets. If a problem is discovered, the customer must contact their Account Manager or Allied Titanium Customer Service immediately at (302) 725-8300. Allied Titanium will replace any non-conforming items free of charge. (See Allied Titanium's Terms and Conditions for details.)

*Orders are placed and products received with the full understanding that Allied Titanium, Inc. or its representatives provide no engineering services.

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