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Whether for storing fresh water, waste water or fuel, tanks are a necessity on practically all sea going vessels.  Water tanks are an essential part of any offshore going boat. Though often times constructed from steel or plastic, water tanks always carry the risk of leaking water or leeching unwanted contaminants into the fresh water supply. Because it is corrosion free and biocompatible with the human body, titanium tanks are free from those risks.

Larger vessels often carry more than one water tank and smaller boats may only boast a single tank. Bigger tanks usually have a baffle installed inside the tank. A baffle is a wall of material welded in the center of the tank with holes in it to keep the water from sloshing back and forth. This helps to prevent the tank from possibly becoming dislodged and causing damage to the boat. With its many different uses, fresh water on the open sea is a precious commodity. Having enough fresh drinking water during a long voyage is always a concern. However, not being able to shower or wash dishes can also lead to an unpleasant experience.

An essential part of nearly all cars, trucks, boat and airplanes is the fuel tank. With the exception of the latest electric vehicles, you would be hard pressed to find any of these without a fuel tank. While fuel tanks made from steel and plastic are common, they pose the risk of corroding or cracking with potentially catastrophic results. However, titanium fuel tanks will remain corrosion free indefinitely.

Waste tanks, though more likely to appear in a boat or plane, are also regularly plagued with the same problems that water and fuel tanks suffer from. A combination of the water that goes down the sinks and toilets, waste water can prove to be highly corrosive and often times can produce a putrid stench. Though a steel tank may contain the smell, it is subjected to the effects of corrosion that can cause it to leak and fail. Yet, this is a fate that a titanium tank will not suffer. The corrosive effects on commercially pure titanium are miniscule.

If you are in the market for a tank, consider titanium and consider Allied Titanium as your manufacturer of choice.







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