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A stanchion is an upright post which is usually utilized to support something and can appear in a wide range of environments, including the decks of yachts. Stanchions are designed to be supportive in nature and they need to be made to withstand high weights and pressures. The width of the stanchion may be adjusted relative to the height in order to address support needs. The design can also vary depending on whether the stanchion is fixed or movable, and what kinds of materials it may be attached to.

Commonly found on sailing yachts and power boats, stanchions provide the support for the lifelines that usually encircle the deck. The lifelines are put in place to help prevent people on deck from falling overboard. Stanchions are often times secured in place to the deck with a stanchion base which can be screwed to the deck or bolted through it.

One classic use of stanchions is in temporary barriers. Barriers for lines at airports, movie theaters, museums, and so forth are often made with stanchions which support looped tape or rope. In this case, the barrier is more symbolic than functional because people can easily duck under the ropes or knock the stanchions over to bring down the barrier.

Stanchions are also utilized in architecture to provide vertical support. Open spaces like large windows may require such support to distribute the weight of the structure above, for example. Stanchions may be used for fencing and in more substantial barriers such as those used to control livestock for handling as well. A version of the stanchion is also used as a hitch on many vehicles, in which case the post may fold back when not in use so that it is not in the way.

Some stanchions are fixed in place, and may be set in cement or other materials so that they cannot be knocked over. Others are fixed but can fold or swivel as needed. Mobile stanchions supported by broad bases can also be seen. These devices can be moved around to reconfigure a space or area. The bottom is usually weighted to make the stanchion difficult to tip over.

The stanchions we have in our product lists are the results of customer requests. If you have a unique stanchion need, please let us know and we will manufacture them for you.







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