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After seeing several catastrophic rigging failures directly due to stainless steel corrosion, the soon-to-be founder and CEO of Allied Titanium, Inc saw the necessity for introducing the common use of a superior metal to the sailing and boating community. Noticing that his own vessel was in need of new clevis pins, the single part most responsible for some of the failures, he decided to avoid the fate of others and opted to install titanium clevis pins instead.

For many reasons, titanium is the perfect material for use in the marine environment. Titanium provides a unique combination of several features.  Titanium exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in salt water, is non-toxic to people, aquatic life, and the surrounding environment. It has a strength-to-weight ratio unmatched by any other common engineering metal with structural stiffness comparable to the best common engineering metals. It is also non-magnetic in all alloys and forms.  Another little known benefit of titanium is its shock absorbing capability. Some would know this as titanium being springy.  In fact, titanium makes wonderful springs.

With so many benefits over other metals, titanium is the obvious choice for the safety conscious cruiser, commercial fisherman or the leisurely pleasure boater.







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