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Hose to Male Pipe Adapter
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    Item # 0008482: 1/2 inch Hose to 3/8 inch NPT Allied Titanium Male Pipe Adapter, Grade 2 (CP) Titanium with Polished Finish
Titanium 1/2 inch Hose to 3/8 inch NPT Allied Titanium Male Pipe Adapter
  It's hard to believe that a corroded bronze pipe fitting could actually be a fire hazard. However, it was recently brought to our attention that a bronze pipe to hose fitting was the cause of a near disaster.

After only a few years of use in a raw water cooled air conditioning system on a sailboat, the bronze pipe to hose fitting had corroded away so badly that it had started leaking saltwater all over the engine right below it. Having gone on unchecked for some time, the salt had actually built up enough to cause a direct short across the positive and negative terminals on the starter. Had the owner not been there to put out the resulting flames, the failed bronze fitting would have caused the total loss of the vessel.

A titanium pipe to hose adapter would have prevented this. As it is completely corrosion free in the natural environment, the corrosive saltwater would've had no effect on the titanium. Also being near the top of the galvanic scale, electrolysis would not be an issue.

If only the sailboat owner had spent a little more for titanium, he would've saved a lot on the cost of replacing burnt wiring as well as other fire and corrosion related damage.
  Made in USA
Price: $35.27
Unit: Each
Min. Order Qty: 1
Qty in Stock: 20
1st Qty Break: 100
1st Break Price: 28.74
2nd Qty Break: 500
2nd Break Price: 26.13
  Please call (800) 725-8143 or (302) 249-3295 if you need help.
Ship Kg: 0.0246
Measure: Inches
Diameter or Thickness: 0.5
Pitch, Grip Length or Width:
Length: 0.375
Group: Marine
Category: Pipe Fitting
Sub Category: Hose to Male Pipe Adapter
Tolerance: +0/-0.005 inch
UPD # Ti2PFHMPAI0.5X0.375P
Index: Hose to Male Pipe Adapter
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