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 Min. Qty: 100 Each
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    Item # 0093774: 5/16 inch Forged 6Al-4V Allied Titanium D Shackle with captive locking pin, Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) Titanium with Polished Finish
Titanium 5/16 inch Forged 6Al-4V Allied Titanium D Shackle with captive locking pin
  Titanium is an element and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It is also completely corrosion free in the natural environment.

This shackle is precision investment cast out of 6Al-4V titanium. 6Al-4V titanium is a common aerospace alloy that has a yield strength* 3-1/2 times greater than 316 stainless steel, while being 44% lighter.

With an amazing breaking strength of greater than 8000 pounds (3628 kg), this shackle has been load tested to 4000 pounds (1814 kg) during inspection.

The pin is captive in the shackle body, but can be unscrewed for complete removal. There is also a locking mechanism built in that will prevent the pin from coming loose after being tightened with a tool.

For use of this product in critical applications, you should be advised to consult with an engineer before putting it into service.

*Yield Strength: The pressure at which a material will deform and be unable to return to its original shape.
Price: Call (302) 249-3295
Unit: Each
Min. Order Qty: 100
1st Qty Break: 500
1st Break Price: Call (302) 249-3295
2nd Qty Break: 2000
2nd Break Price: Call (302) 249-3295
  Please call (800) 725-8143 or (302) 249-3295 if you need help.
Ship Kg: 0.0360
Measure: Inches
Diameter: 0.3125
Inside Width: 0.6875
Inside Length: 1.125
Group: Marine
Category: Shackle, Forged
Sub Category: Shackle, D Normal
Tolerance: +0/-0.003 inch
UPD # Ti5SFDNI0.3125X0.6875X1.125P
Index: Shackles
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