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  Titanium Shackles  

Shackles are used in a variety of lifting, pulling and tie-down applications. A shackle is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a threaded pin that connects items together. Shackles have many uses and are especially common on boats. There they do everything from holding rigging lines to securing the boat's anchor to the chain.

The benefit of a T-6Al-4V titanium shackle is that is stronger, lighter and completely corrosion free in the natural environment. Allied Titanium is the only company on the planet we know of that physically load tests titanium shackles before allowing them to be distributed.

Shackles are used in a lot of industrial settings. From manufacturing plants to logging, this simple fastener can be used in many, many different instances. Securing chain for lifting raw material is most often done with a shackle, be it logs or plates of steel. As long as it is rated with a safe working load above the actual weight being lifted, shackles are the safest way to hook up loads requiring heavy lifting, quick securing and releasing.







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