Titanium Construction Info

Construction is the perfect industry for the use of titanium. One of the latest inventions for the construction industry is the titanium sheet metal screw. Titanium has great strength, durability, and is corrosion free, making it ideal for improving the quality of products in the construction industry.

Titanium has become very popular in Japan! The Fukuoka Dome, built in 1993, is covered in titanium. Because titanium is corrosion free in the natural environment, it will last virtually forever. On top of all of titanium’s wondrous characteristics, it also has a stunning appearance.

Titanium is advancing rapidly in the construction industry. It has more positive attributes than any other metal with its light weight and strength. Grade 5 (6AL-4V) titanium’s yield strength is three and a half times greater than steel while weighing only 56% as much! It can withstand a great deal of force while being resistant to chemicals and is completely corrosion free in the presence of salt.

With its amazing strength to weight ratio, titanium is the idyllic metal to use in this forever rising industry.







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