Part Reactor

At the core of Allied Titanium's success is our UPD Sheet™, because once a UPD Sheet exists, the product exists. While the animation in the UPD Sheet cannot be used to directly produce a part, the machine executable 3D CAD files that are linked to it can. In other words, once a UPD Sheet exists, the part can literally be printed out or produced by a CNC machine in titanium.

The Part Reactor™ puts the ability to create UPD Sheets and new products directly into your hands. Obviously, the UPD Sheets are worth more than gold to us, thus you must have an account with Allied Titanium before using the Part Reactor.

The first product line to be enabled in the Part Reactor is Chainplates. Titanium chainplates are one of the most important products we offer. Every year, vessels are lost and people are injured or killed due to stainless steel chainplate failures caused by crevice corrosion.

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