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Screw, Fillister Head Socket Drive, Grade 2 Titanium
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 Min. Qty: 50 Each
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    Item # 0018720: M14-2 Pitch X 45mm Fillister Head Allied Titanium Cap Screw, Grade 2 (CP) Titanium with Polished Finish
Titanium M14-2 Pitch X 45mm Fillister Head Allied Titanium Cap Screw
  These fillister head screws are TRUE TITANIUM(TM), specifically commercially pure Grade 2 (CP) titanium. Like platinum and gold, titanium is an element near the top of the galvanic scale and its resistance to corrosion of all kinds is legendary, reducing the cost of corrosion-related maintenance and replacement to zero. Its position on the galvanic scale is one of the reasons engineers specify titanium for use with carbon fiber.

With a minimum yield strength of 39,900 psi (275 Mpa), Grade 2 titanium is comparable in strength to stainless steel. Of course, Grade 2 (CP) titanium is corrosion free in saltwater while stainless steel crevice corrodes dangerously. If you want corrosion freedom and / or lightweight titanium fillister head screws at an affordable price, you have found them.

TRUE TITANIUM(TM) is a trademark to establish that this product is manufactured from solid Titanium, rather than a coating, plating or color. TRUE TITANIUM, Tough-Ti, the AT Logo, the Ring around our high strength screws, LOOK FOR THE RING, AFFORDABLE TITANIUM NOW and ALLIED TITANIUM are all trademarks of Allied Titanium, Inc.
Price: $12.45
Unit: Each
Min. Order Qty: 50
1st Qty Break: 500
1st Break Price: 10.82
2nd Qty Break: 1250
2nd Break Price: 9.20
  Please call (800) 725-8143 or (302) 249-3295 if you need help.
Ship Kg: 0.0000
Measure: Metric
Diameter or Thickness: 14
Pitch, Grip Length or Width: 2
Length: 45
Group: Fasteners
Category: Fastener, Screw
Sub Category: Fillister Head, Socket Drive Cap Screw
Tolerance: +0/-0.15 mm
Index: Screw, Fillister Head Socket Drive, Grade 2 Titanium
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