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Anchor Shackle
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 Min. Qty: 100 Each
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    Item # 0075966: Titan Anchor Swivel with Shackle fitting 5/8 inch Chain, Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) Titanium with Polished Finish
Titanium Titan Anchor Swivel with Shackle fitting 5/8 inch Chain
  This swivel was designed at the request of Captain James Underwood. At the time of the Titan Anchor Swivel's invention, Captain Underwood showed us that every other anchor swivel on the market could experience side loading resulting in failure. This happens when the anchor gets jammed in rocks or coral with the anchor shank unable to orient itself in line with the chain. It was a frightening revelation to us and upon investigation, it appears to be true.

The Titan Anchor Swivel with shackle needs an anchor shank with a hole or slot big enough for the end of the shackle to slip through. The shackle ensures that no matter which direction the chain pulls on the anchor shank, the swivel is always oriented in line with the load.

Of course, this swivel and shackle are fabricated from Grade 5 (6Al-4V) titanium and are incredibly strong, light and corrosion free.

Consists of item numbers 0075968 (Shackle), 0075969 (Toggle), 0075970 (Cap Screw), 0075971 (Chain Fork), 0075972 (Welding Nut), 0075973 (Cap Screw), and 0075974 (Jam Nut X 2)
Price: Call (302) 249-3295
Unit: Each
Min. Order Qty: 100
1st Qty Break: 1000
1st Break Price: Call (302) 249-3295
2nd Qty Break: 2500
2nd Break Price: Call (302) 249-3295
  Please call (800) 725-8143 or (302) 249-3295 if you need help.
Ship Kg: 0.8773
Measure: Metric
Diameter or Thickness: 67.5
Pitch, Grip Length or Width: 94
Length: 219.75
Group: Marine
Category: Ground Tackle
Sub Category: Anchor Swivel
Tolerance: +0/-0.20 mm
UPD # Ti5GTANCSM67.5X94X219.75P
Index: Anchor Shackle
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