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The rich potential of titanium as a material is now becoming fully recognized, and the scope of its application is expanding every day. Though it was once considered an exotic metal only a half century ago, it is rapidly becoming a mainstream material being used for many automotive purposes. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high yield strength, titanium has been widely used for chemical, electric, and aerospace industries as major metal materials, taking advantage of titanium's characteristics. On the other hand, titanium's application in the automobile and trucking industry has been limited in the past, except for racing cars and special-purpose cars. However, in recent years titanium has come to be actively used for various parts of the general mass-produced cars and trucks due to its highly beneficial characteristics.

Lightweight and strong, it makes any vehicle it is built with more fuel efficient and longer lasting. By reducing the weight of a freight hauling truck, the company saves fuel expenses. Lower fuel costs lead to lower prices which leads to more savings in the pockets of the consumer. Parts such as exhaust tubes, suspension springs and engine valves are just a few of the ways to reduce the overall weight of any vehicle.

Titanium parts are also resistant to many types of corrosion in the natural environment. Tanker trucks that carry sodium hypochlorite and sodium chromate use titanium because it is light, resistant to corrosion, and extremely strong. No longer will rusted parts need to be replaced again and again due to corroded steel.

Though titanium may cost more initially, in the long run, titanium will actually cost less than its stainless steel counterparts because there will be little to no maintenance and replacement costs. Clearly, titanium is the obvious choice for the cost conscious truck owner.

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