Titanium Ground Tackle Info
  Titanium Ground Tackle  

Ground tackle is one of the most important systems on any boat. It is used for anchoring. The gear required for anchoring is fairly simple:  An anchor, and something to connect that anchor to the boat - which is rope and/or chain, shackles and/or swivels, and a cleat or samson post which actually holds your boat.  Add any equipment used to set, secure or retrieve the anchor and rode, and we collectively call this ground tackle.

Due to the heavy stress loads put on ground tackle while anchoring, it needs to be strong. Titanium is the perfect choice for all ground tackle needs. Commercially pure Titanium, also known as grade 2, has a yield strength about fifteen percent higher than 316 stainless steel. Grade 5 Titanium (Ti‐6Al‐4V) has a yield strength over three and a half times greater than stainless steel, making it perfect to support the heavy loads that ground tackle endure.

Not only is it strong, titanium is impervious to corrosion caused by saltwater in the natural environment. Its low iron content (approx. 0.3%) means that it will never rust or be affected by crevice corrosion like stainless steel. Because it is immune to saltwater corrosion, titanium is the ideal material for ground tackle.

Titanium also weighs nearly half as much as stainless steel. A reduction of almost half of the weight of any boat’s ground tackle means more stability for the vessel. Reduced weight also means increased fuel efficiency, which with the current price of fuel, any boat owner can appreciate.







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