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A spring pin is a type of hardware fastener that mechanically links two items together. The spring pin goes by a variety of names, including spring tension pin, slotted spring pin, sellock pin, and roll pin. Known for their durability and strength, spring pins rarely budge out of place and can bear up under immense pressure.

The traditional spring pin is tube-shaped with a split down the middle. The diameter of the pin is a bit larger than the hole into which it fits. Once it is driven into the hole, the spring pin pushes against the perimeter of the hole, creating pressure, or a spring-like force. This action results in a strong surge of friction that locks the pin in place tightly and securely.

Spring pins may also come equipped with actual springs. Known as a spring-loaded pin, this type of fastener is often used for technological purposes, such as cable termination, internal battery connection, and as part of a charging base for portable devices. The spring that is fitted into each spring loaded pin works to solidly hold parts in place and ensure a steady electrical flow.

Spring pins are sometimes confused with other types of fasteners that function in similar ways. Lynch pins, R-clips, and split pins all operate in a manner comparable to spring pins. They are slightly larger than the hole in which they are to be placed, and when they are inserted, they create friction and a dependable hold. These other types of clips, however, are no match for the strength of spring pins, which can hold up under rotational pressure and side loading.

Titanium spring pins are a huge step forward for industry, being stronger, lighter and corrosion free. If you don't see the spring pin you are looking for amongst our product lists, please feel free to call and we will make it for you.







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