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Almost everyone who has ever worked on a mechanical part, be it an old car or an oil rig, has had to deal with rusty and corroded fasteners. There are few things that are more annoying than a rusted fastener that should only take 2 minutes to replace that actually ends up costing wasted hours and unnecessary dollars. The simple fact is, this is a problem that can be easily and affordably rectified.

Nuts made from steel and many other metals primarily made of iron rust and corrode, rendering them useless as they age. Titanium nuts are corrosion free in the natural environment, making them resistant to many chemicals and acids. Replacing, or initially using, nuts made from titanium make products safer and more cost efficient because there are little to no maintenance costs.

Titanium nuts are a simple solution to an age old problem. No longer will such a small yet vital component cause such hassle. With its amazing resistance to corrosion in many harsh environments, especially saltwater, titanium is the obvious choice. A titanium nut placed under such hard conditions will remain intact when all of the surrounding iron and steel parts have corroded and turned to dust.







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