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  Titanium Barrel Nuts  

Titanium is the perfect metal for barrel nuts. Like platinum and gold, titanium is an element near the top of the galvanic scale and its resistance to corrosion of all kinds is legendary, reducing the cost of corrosion-related maintenance and replacement to zero. Beyond these similarities, titanium is so different that it almost defies imagination. Its strength-to-weight ratio dwarfs other metals and in alloys that are just slightly different from one another, titanium's mechanical properties change dramatically.

Commercially pure Titanium, also known as grade 2, has a yield strength about fifteen percent higher than 316 stainless steel. Grade 5 Titanium (Ti‐6Al‐4V) has a yield strength over three and a half times greater than stainless steel while weighing only 56% as much!

All of this means that designing products from titanium is completely different than with other metals. Titanium alloys are stronger than stainless steel, meaning less metal can be used to achieve the same function. This fact, coupled with the reality that titanium is lighter and corrosion free, means new products can be invented that are only possible with titanium.

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