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  Titanium Clevis Pins  

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so it is said. The need for titanium clevis pins brought about the inception of Allied Titanium. After several devastating boating accidents due to corroded stainless steel clevis pins, the founder and future CEO of Allied Titanium saw the need for a stronger, corrosion free material for this small, yet very important, part.

Clevis pins are the link that holds many parts together. Clevis pins are used in a wide variety of applications in farming equipment, sailboat rigging, as well as the automotive, aircraft and construction industries. Clevis pins made from commercially pure titanium, also known as grade 2, have a yield strength about fifteen percent higher than 316 stainless steel. A clevis pin made from grade 5 titanium (Ti‐6Al‐4V) has a yield strength over three and a half times greater than stainless steel, while weighing only 56% as much.

Strength aside, titanium is the superior choice for clevis pins because of it is corrosion free in the natural environment. Salt water corrodes stainless steel away at an alarming rate. So whether you want to reduce weight, create a stronger connection or just stop polishing endlessly, titanium clevis pins are the way to go.







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