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Titanium bolts are corrosion free in the natural environment. This is because of the oxide layer that forms on titanium alloys, sealing off moisture, many chemicals and most gases. An amazing fact about this layer is that it is automatically replaced if scratched or removed. Fasteners and screws undergo tremendous amount of scratching and friction, as you can imagine, and this automatic repair of the oxide layer is the main reason for the extensive use of titanium in many industries.

Titanium bolts are used in all kinds of sports,  auto racing, marine rigging and engines, as well as petrochemical and oil industries to name a few. Many musical instrument makers are also discovering the amazing sound qualities that titanium fasteners can produce. Another advantage of titanium is that it is lighter when compared to steel. This is an important feature in fasteners because using a large amount of titanium fasteners can greatly reduce overall weight when compared to stainless steel fasteners.

Titanium is also one of the most noble metals, only being surpassed by metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Its high nobility makes it less susceptible to galvanic corrosion caused by electrolysis making it perfect for using with carbon fiber products.

If you have ever busted your knuckles trying to break loose rusted steel bolts, the fact that titanium bolts are corrosion free  in the natural environment is a wonderful piece of information.







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