Titanium Eye Bolts Info
  Titanium Eye Bolts  

An eye bolt is a type of fastener that features a loop-like shape on top of a bolt or screw body. The threaded end of the eye bolt can be designed two different ways. One design is meant to screw into wood with threads that are designed to cut into the object. The other style is designed to be installed through a shank hole in the object and secured with a nut on the opposite side or to be screwed directly into the object with matching threads. On a standard eye bolt, the shank of the bolt is centered directly below the mid-point of the loop. Specialty eye bolts may be offset so that the shank sits off to one side of the loop.

Many eye bolts are made of carbon steel, but like all steel objects, these bolts will rust or corrode over time. Bolts used outdoors typically are made from galvanized steel to slow the inevitable process of rust and corrosion from rain and other forms of precipitation. However, if the eye bolt is be used around chemicals or in an industrial setting, a more suitable material becomes necessary. Due to its legendary chemical and corrosion resistance, a commercially pure titanium bolt will fare much better under these conditions.

Titanium eye bolts are not only corrosion proof in the natural environment, but they also weigh nearly half as much as their stainless steel counterparts. Known primarily for its amazing strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is not only lighter and corrosion free, but it is also stronger. A grade 5 (6Al-4V) titanium eye bolt is approximately 3 and a half times stronger than one made of high quality 316 stainless steel.







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